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Performance and price balance with advanced features

With BadgeMaker 5400 using a internal database, which can be edited in every way you like, to personalize ID Cards gives you the required flexibility, security and reliability. A complete package with advanced features. BadgeMaker 5400 supports all forms of contact (barcode, magstripe, chip) and contactless (iClass, LEGIC, Mifare, Texas instruments) encoding. You control the card issuing process from creating the database and the card layout to the printing of the card.

Download BM 5400 Software E-Brochure


BM5400 enhanced features are password protected, import and export of data including photos. Each record can contain more than one picture and besides the passport size picture you can add a signature. With BadgeMaker 5400 a user can easily design a desired internal MS Access database for use. However, BadgeMaker 5400 does not need MS Access software. The database can contain as many badge layouts as the user would like to have. An important feature of the BM5400 is the automatic layout selection. This enables the user to create dropdown lists where the layouts are connected to the selected item. Dates, numbers and fixed text can be automatically stored after an action like adding record, capture and print into the database for a track record.

Feature of BM 5400 :

· Multi-user
· Password protected and configurable user level
· Task divider, multiple user levels
· Report printing · Picture gallery (with header and footer)
· Import & export (incl. photos)
· Loggin file
· Automatic selection
· Barcode and magstripe
· Contactless chip encoding
· Support all type of windows printers "What you see is what you get"

BadgeMaker main screen
· Multiple pictures per record
· Opens automatically last project
· Mirror printing
· Printer pooling DataBase screen
· Configurable database
· Automatic layout option
· Automatic addition of dates and sequential numbers
· Item pick list
· Automatic selection/deselection
· Automatic database update

Badge screen
· Double sided printing · Complete badge lay out creator with advanced features
· Dynamic logo
· Supports signatures and photos

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