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  Access Control

  • Police Department Issues Cards On Demand To Improve Security For Foreign Dignitaries
  • Prison Security Is Improved With Photo ID Card System
  • Access To Public TransPortation System Enhanced By Plastic Card Issued To Special Status Passengers
  • Event Coordinator Issues Plastic ID Cards On The Spot To Amend Last Minute Changes

  • Transportation System Upgrades 12,000 Employee ID Badges With Photo and Magnetic Stripe


  • Student ID Cards Ensure University Access Control And Student Benefits

   Health Care

  • Hospital Employee ID Cards Provide Access Control And Database Management Benefits
  • Smart Cards Provide Member Access To PC Services At Social Club
  • Amusement Park Uses Visitor ID Cards To Improve Access Control And Services
  • Access To Professional Sports Team Events Improve For Season Ticket Holders
  • Smart Cards Improve Gold Club Membership Services And Management Controls
  • Tourist Discount Cards Benefit Visitors And Merchants
  • Handball Federation Continuously Updates Membership Services With Plastic Card Printing System


  • Golf Equipment Retailer Gains Marketing Efficiencies With Plastic Card Printing System
  • Car Dealership Builds Customer Loyalty And Improves Service With P Series Card Printers


  • Barona Casino Turns Guests into Friends for Life with Plastic Club Cards

  • The Camarillo Police Department KidPrint Program Helps Keep Kids Safe

  • Moments Salon & Day Spa Pampers Clients with Plastic Gift Cards
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